Are Mombasa bloggers paid not to write articles about other artists?

Listening to pwani fm yesterday, Susumila hinted that since the release of his latest single Ihale, no coastal blogger has come out to write an article about the song.
The high flying artist also hinted that he thought there was an outward funding by his haters not to have articles written.

This has not been received well by coastal bloggers who think that was way too much.
Mombasa city has never received a cent from any artist saying that other videos or songs should never be featured.

Many artists have come through to us and asked us to put their songs out there but there has never been a funding.


Mombasa city today received an inbox that touched us. Coast's songstress and a mother to many was being accused by her dance troop for abandoning them and neglecting all their efforts to make her who she is right now.
The dancers based in Voi came out to mention all the efforts they have done only to be ditched in the wee  times of their projects with Mama Nyota. One of the dancers who wrote to us explained how they had to practice for her Mapanya video without pay, How they crossed River voi everyday just to go and make Mama proud, all that to them went unseen by the songstress who ditched the dancers. 
The Dancers do not understand why despite them being team Nyota, nothing good was coming their way,she promised them uniforms and a change when she came back from Denmark but nothing ever came forth. The dancers wonder why she had decided to do this to them despite all the work they have done to make her proud. 

Tafadhali twaomba muangazie hili jambo . . . Nyota Ndogo atema ma dancer wake Hili ni jambo linakera sana ila ni vyema kujua si vita ama ubaya na mtu anapohishi jambo linalo mkera kulisema. Ndio maana inabidi jambo kama hili liwe wazi kwa mafans na kila mmoja ambaye anafahamu usanii na sanaa. All Saints Dance Crew kikundi tajika Pwani nzima na Taita Taveta haswa, kikundi chenye uwezo mkubwa kisanii na ambacho mpaka sasa chashangaza wengi. Hii ni moja wapo msanii mkubwa East Africa. Msanii wa kike kutoka Pwani ambaye ndiye mkali zaidi ya wote East Africa. Msanii mwenye uzoefu na taaluma kubwa katika sanaa.Twazungumzia Ndogo Ndogo ambaye kwa muda sasa tumekuwa tukifanya kazi nae. Ni msanii mzuri si "uongo" na pia twashukuru kama kikundi kupata fursa kama hiyo.Ametusaidia sana hiyo si uongo, ni jambo hata mafans wanajua lakini pia vile vile kama dancers tumemsaidia tu si kwa show bali mambo mengi tu. Mara kwa mara tumekuwa tukifanya shows hata mazoezi na yeye ili kuhakikisha show iwe kali zaidi. Lakini mazoezi haya nikuwa hayachoshi tu ila pia ni kujitolea kunakotaka uvumilivu na kuelewa kwingi. Tumefanya shows nyingi mno na Video pia, ambayo utapata fursa kuitazama. Kujitolea kunakotaka uvumilivu na kuelewa kwingi. Tumefanya shows nyingi na video pia ambayo utapata fursa ya kuitazama(Mapanya). Yote tisa kumi, wakati huu kama kikundi tunahisi hili jambo limetukera sana, kutuvunja moyo kwa kuwa kikundi bora pwani wengi, mafans pia wana matarajio mengi nasi, haswa vile tunafanya kazi na msanii wa kike mzuri Pwanu nzima. Tulikuwa tumepanga mambo mengi makubwa na mazuri kama Team Nyota, hii ikiwa kufanya Videos zote,Kuvaa poa na pia kufanya kazi kubwa East Africa mzima na kwengineo. Ila si hivyo maanake safari hii kama kikundi tunahisi kuwekwa chini na mama yetu Nyota ambaye kwa kweli tunajituma sana kwa kazi yake. Na kama tulivyopanga nikuwa akitoka "Denmark" tutafanya video mbili moja wapo ikiwa ni pamoja na Frasha. Video ambayo kwetu kama kikundi tulikuwa tumeingoja sana na kujitayarisha vilivyo, ila kutemwa dakika za mwisho. Kwa mafans wetu inakera sana na najua hiyo video ikitoka wengi itawakera mbona madancer wake hawapo. Ni video ya aina yake kwakua ina gharama zaidi ju ya laki moja, na pia usishangae Frasha mwenyewe anatumiwa nauli ya ndege. Wakati sisi kwa show ni Matatu ama bus video ambayo vifaa vyake vywakodishwa na Elfu hamsini, lipo gari la kukodi na hoteli limetengwa kwa Frasha ila sisi kutoka apa Voi tu twakosa. Jambo la kuudhi kabisa si kwamba ni lazima tudance kwa hiyo Video, lakini kama Team Nyota kukosekana ndani ya hiyo video inavunja moyo. Sisi kama kikundi tumejua watu wengine wanamfaidi mama yetu Nyota hata kushinda sisi. Afadhali mlipwe hela chache lakini watu wasave kwa Video na Air tickets,kwani Frasha ni nani sanaa???? *Sababu anadaiwa kututoa kwa iyo Video... Jamani kwa mafans wote naomba tusaidiane hili jambo pamoja. Ingekuwa wewe ungehisi vipi? Video uliyoingoja kwa muda mrefu, kufanya mazoezi na kutembea mpaka kwa mama kwenda mazoezi, na ni lazima uvuke mto wa Voi paka huko. So far alitoka Denmark na sisi kama kikundi uniforms zenyewe hamna. Hili ndo jambo ambalo limetupa msukumo mkubwa sana wa kisani. Kwani kama kikundi tunaangazia kufanya kazi na Bahati karibuni....

With this kind of revelation we left with nothing but sit and watch and feel sorry for them. God will see them through.

Rising hip hop artist Kassamoney Brian hits at Coastal Djs and Kaa la moto calling them archiac and Irrelevant.

Its now dawning on Kassamoney that no matter how much he will try push out his music, no Coastal Dj or Radio presenter is ready to play it on their shows.

Most Djs on live radio sessions have reffered to him as a snob while others refuted to claims of ever knowing him. Speaking to Kassamoney yesterday, the hip hop artist poured his heart out saying most radio personalities and Djs need to style up.

On one occassion, Kassamoney hit at Dvj Ivory for calling artists lame for sending him audios via whatsapp. Kassa took to social media and let out what deem fit for Ivory.
Since then, his music journey with Djs hit a blunt.

Speaking to Ivory about the issue, The Dj said just like any artist, kassa had the right to be mad for not receiving airplays but he would not stoop too low to play any music sent to him via whatsapp.

Thats not all. Yesterday, Kassa hit at Kaa la Moto for crossing his lane and Dissing Willy Paul out of the blues.
According to Kassa, Kaa la moto was just but finding something to have people mention his name. He called the act childish stating that a real hip hop legend sticks to his lane and that singing had nothing to do with Rap.

Most people Mombasa city talked to shared the same sentiments with Kassa. Speaking to Twentytwo Kenya, the lad found the whole dis video hilorious and stated that Mombasa artists were loosing touch of their music.

Keep it Mombasacity entertainment.

Jameni Actor Nabbed By The Police For Impersonating IG Joseph Boinnet at Wilson Airport

The crew of KTN’s comedy show, ‘Jameni’ found out the hard way that sometimes acting is not all fun and games.

The TV crew were detained by the police at Wilson Airport for impersonating Inspector General of police, Joseph Boinnet. According to word on the street, actor Sergon Kiptarus was in full character clad in police uniform when his entry into Wilson airport was met with salutes, handshakes with bowed heads and VIP treatment.

It however did not take long before someone figured out that Sergon was not the IG, prompting the security to detain him and his crew.

They were eventually let go after the officers made the necessary clarifications.

here are the photos courtesy.


Odinareh Bingwa is undoubtedly becoming the next big thing in the Kenyan rap industry let alone Mombasa. The Lad has taken the entire airwaves with a storm with his latest hit All Night buda that continues to top charts all over Nairobi.
The lad however told Mombasa city he had just started and that this was just a start to greater things.
Listening to the song, Ordinare had decided to let go of the earlier previous versions of the rap games and go with the latest trends where hip hop rotates around having fun and playing with words.

"Its never that serious and having to rap doesn't necessarily entitle one to be hard on everything," he said.




As others continue to lie about their you tube views , Twenty 2 kenya has decided to let fans do the judgement as he continues releasing good quality videos and his latest Mchumba video has with no doubt been a master piece.
Mombasa city through our readers has received better and good compliments making the video something to talk about.

be the first to watch it here.

or click this link to watch it..Watch this video

Sad Expose. Is Dazlah Kiduche fooling fans or himself? Its a pity!!!

One thing I have learnt about the coastal scene and artists is the need to be on the high leading end without working their asses out.

Dazlah Kiduche last week on thursday went on social media to post a photo showing the number of views his video had attained in just one week.
I felt happy! I was moved by the fact that our coastal artists were doing something constructive and reaching a larger fan base.

Here is the screenshot!!!!

I then decided to check on the comments and see how people were responding to the video on youtube and perhaps congratulate them for a job well done.
I was shocked!! Infact I was amused. Who was he fooling? Us?

Today early in the morning, I saw a natification, Eric MMU changed his cover Photo. For those who dont know, the lad is the famous Pwani Fm mashav mashav university presenter famously known as Gates Mgenge Grandson.

I again saw the same photo and opted to ask him the same question.
Who is Dazlah fooling? I guess just like me he was shocked to see that our psychology was being toyed.
I again begged him to lay law until I had finished my investigations.
I guess curiosity took the better part of him and he couldnt hold it back.

On live radio he called Welo Kagomaz the famous one montage video director asking him what had happened to the views and why they decided to edit and play with their fans.
Welo distanced himself from the scandal and said he dint know anything about the entire topic.
Am left to think whoever posted the fake forged picture was responsible.
The big question is who are you fooling?

Its good if we fight and let our music be heard, watched and listened to.
If by then its not reaching the required audience the best thing to do is check where we went wrong correct it and try reaching the set target.

Upto now, this are the legit youtube views of Dazlah's Kide kide video..

Satan is a liar!! The video has not even attained 7k views let alone 10. Its a pity and am left wondering, with this kind of tactics, where are we headed?

For Mombasa city

Wema Sepetu to attend Zari's all white party.

Hot gossip is that, Wema Sepetu has plans to go to Zari's All White Party which is scheduled for this Friday at Mlimani City Conference Hall. 
A source which happens to be close to the actress and reality TV star told Swahiliworldplanet That Wema wants to attend the A-list party which will be stormed by many celebs and the rich, because she likes partying so she doesn't see why she should not attend it just because she is not with Diamond and is now with Zari.

However according to the source some of her friends have advised her not to attend claiming she might face what happened at Diamonds Are Forever at the same venue about three year ago.

Was Sango's win as Chairman for MCSK Mombasa legit? TOP EXPOSE.

Alot had been said about  the previous leadership of Mcsk  under its chairman Sango.
The idea by a group of artists to overthrow him was planned and it was with no doubt this time Sango would be sent parking.
The reasons behind their wanting  a change were as follows;
1. Since his appointment, Sango had not in way helped any artists grow although he claimed to have raised Nyota Ndogo and his biggest contestant then Gabriel Mwamuye.
2. Rising artists had not received the nurturing they deserved and Sango had not explained to any artist on how they would receive cash from their music downloads and registration by MCSK.

3.A section of artists also claimed that Sango had started using artists for his own personal gain.

The struggle was too much and everyone knew Mwamuye had won the race to become MCSK's chair Coast province.

Why din't Mwamuye win?

The strategies by Sango to retain his sit were well orchestrated. First he avoided talking about the issues Gabriel was hitting him with and as debates were being planned, he stayed as far from them as he could, this in return made him stay less vulnerable to any finger pointing.
As Gabriel sat trying to tell the bad side of Sango, the latter decided to collect all his loyal followers and plead for another chance to make things right.

Elections came and for another term, Sango to a shock of many, retained his sit.

What artists are however asking for from the leader is to help them achieve what they dint previously.
Mombasa city.