Apart from the stale talk, Brown Mauzo classic yet releases another hit.

Word has been revolving top coast artist about his personal life and the celebrity picture it has portrayed. Our news desk earlier this week received massive information about the artist and his womanizing acts that almost left him in trouble after he tried it with the wrong woman. Our informer through the phone informed us that brown has been dating a fellow local artist who we decided to keep her name under our belts. Things turned sour after the lady realized that she was only living a fantasy and that Brown was seeing yet another woman in his home town DIANI.
The woman man at the finding decided to the throw the artist out of the house and called it quits with him. Since then the woman has come clean saying that she regrets dating a lowlife, a cheater and a pretender. She went the extent of realizing songs about Brown.
However that has not killed brown's urge to give his fans what they deserve. His songs receiving air plays both locally and international.


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