As Vera Sidika horribly pays in hospital for her body transformation, meet Eve Anyango, Coast's Nzumari CEO who now looks 18 after her Multi-million body transformation.

Now this body transformation is just getting serious. As Vera lays in some hospital paying for her body transformation, Eva Anyango, Coast's Nzumari CEO has decided just to add some icing on the whole cake. The CEO who had gone missing sometime back has come back looking younger and lighter. The lightening is said to have cost her a fortune and that has not affected her a bit.

Speaking to Mombasacity entertainment, Eve has said that her new body shape and complexion just adds up to what she is about to do to the coast Music industry.
She now looks younger compared to how she looked 3 years back and thanks to Vera Sidika, the complexion has just fit in so well.
Compare and contrast the photos below.

Now that was some time back before she had really known whats beauty is. now check her out.


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