BMG Kenya, Coastal artist taking Coast's music to another level

Who said Coastal artists aint what they should be. The latest happenings in the Coastal entertainment scene has just proved how our local artists are rising at a tremendous rate. The video qualities of their Music and sound tracks have just been amazing. Thanks to top audio producers, the likes of Producer Totti and best video producers Lil Guy G included.
The most talked about video which featured in it Nyota Ndogo and Amour Beyby has risen to scoup the Coastal Radio chats and receives massive airwaves in Kenyan Televisions.
 That has not been the end of the good work by our artists, BMG kenya, south coast based artist has come up to show us what the entertainment scene is really made of.
check out this video
BMG Kenya is a rising artist with the urge to take the entertainment scene higher and help fit in with other local artists to put everything in its place.


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