Despite the Allegations Willy M Tuva still does what he does best, helping local artist grow.

Word has been going rounds on social media about Willy M Tuva asking for sexual favors from female growing artists who want to get to the level they dream and wish to achieve.  The allegations, of course not yet confirmed have stirred mixed reactions from his fans and the whole entertainment  fraternity.
However, that has not stopped him from doing his duties, making the local  artist  grow and achieve their goals.

The likes of Brown Mauzo classic, however word is the Radio presenter made away with the artist's long time girlfriend Akothee. Mombasa entertainment however confirmed that the two are in Tanzania for a musical tour and that Brown is aware of that. Willy M tuva has been quiet about the matter and all he says is he is not afraid of what people will say. People will eventually have to talk.

check out photos of Brown and Willy Tuva and other artist Willy has helped growing.


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