Forget about Eve of Nzumari Awards, meet Anita,Mombasa's finest taking us to the next level

Mombasa sincerely got talent. Let alone Eve of Nzumari awards, we all know her of boasting on the achievements she has made and how the coastal musical industry would be if she pulled out. Our eyes today lay on one low laid beauty queen whose hard work has taken places and whose achievements are to talk about.
Anita, coasts' top Mc, Model and a business lady is taking the entertainment scene by storm and the likes of Eve will soon have nothing to brag about. The Ashantiz Promotion CEO is said have so many deals pending and the rate at which media houses and events managers and promoters are working with her just shows how hardworking and self disciplined the lass is.
Her new show that will be airing on KISS TV is all we at Mombasa city are waiting for. the lady  is surely blessed an we all we wish her well as she continues to venture in her rendezvous journey. 


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