The county assembly of Mombasa have spoken in one voice and said its time Jubilee government acted. In their recent house hearing meeting, the county assembly in one voice through a press statement said that they wholeheartedly supported the referendum
This how the press statement read.
PRESS STATEMENT 23rd Sept. 2014 MOMBASA COUNTY ASSEMBLY SUPPORTS THE CALL FOR REFERUNDUM We, the County assembly of Mombasa fully support the call for a referendum. Okoa Kenya Pesa Mashinani is the only rallying call that is assured to deliver our people from the current serious challenges being faced all through the country. We have to institutionalize the basic tenets of equity, integrity and all-inclusiveness in ethnicity, gender and people living with disability in the constitution. The referendum will also give us an opportunity to enshrine in the constitution our basic human rights and stamp out heinous acts such as extra-judicial killings conducted by a section of the security forces. Some of the operations carried out are ill conceived and even poorly executed. We have to ensure the county’s participation in key and sensitive issues such as security to complement the efforts of national government in order to create a conducive environment for our people and businesses alike. We have to give the counties adequate funding for us to have any meaningful development at the grassroots. We need to strengthen the National Land Commission and clearly define the roles and benefits for communities in natural resources. We strongly condemn the insinuations made by Hon. Aden Duale on Hon. Isaac Rutto. It was disrespectful and totally uncalled for. His Conduct during that particular occasion was highly wanting and absolutely uncivilized. Hon. Duale MUST respect the institution of Governorship and understand that insulting a Governor is insulting the people of the whole county. He should come out openly and not only apologize to Hon. Isaac Rutto but also to the people of Bomet County and Kenya at large. OKOA KENYA, PESA MASHINANI END
There you have it. 


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