Mombasa's self proclaimed boss lady Beyonce's misery continues as bouncers throw her out of club Tappers.

Now this is the year of Coast awards  former CEO making headlines. The lady whose work in the coastal entertainment scene  has been seen as a breakthrough in rising local artists is now turning to something else that we at Mombasacity  cant quiet explain. Recently as reported by backstreet entertainment, Our boss lady was having a good time at club tappers shaking what her mama gave her in the presence of delegated members of the county government of Mombasa.
Word is, the Coastal queen found herself in the hands of the bouncers and asked to leave the club. The word reaching our news desk however is that one of the Honorable members did not like what the lady was doing and quietly signaled the bouncers who kindly asked her to leave in disbelief.
She however tried to plead with them telling them of how important she was but according to backstreet,  the men in flesh heard nothing of that.

Hoping her misery will soon come to an end and do us the promises she put in taking the coastal industry by storm.
keep it mombasa city entertainment.


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