After exposing KU's student leader Ephraim Wainaina on dead beat for abandoning their child and infecting her with HIV, Judy Corazon Mureithi now vows to infect even more than she has. Check out her photos.

Why have women turned into animals in the name of revenge? Corazon has been trending after she exposed Kenyatta University student leader Ephraim Wainaina for infecting her with HIV aids. That however did not stop at that point. The lady is then said to have decided to sleep around with all of Ephraim's friends in the name of payback.
Our sources reveal to us that Corazon has decided to use her body into luring  male students into having sex with her and at last infecting them with the deadly disease.
On her expose on deadbeat, Corazon was moved and heart shaken after she found out that the student leader not only abandoned her with a child but also gave her the deadly disease.
She has vowed that in the beastly manner men carry women they will pay.
here are some of her irresistible photos.


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