After Mama Sizo sacked TK2 from hornet records, the music producer has shocked them by coming back with his own recording equipment worth millions.

The tides are low. TK2 after being fired from his long term recording label Hornet records, the producer has decided to put into shame the records CEO Mama Sizo who up to date has not uttered a word about TK2's success. The CEO fired TK2 on allegations that the producer stole money from the recording stable and used it badly on alcohol and women.
TK2 on the other hand upon receiving his firing letter left the stable and within a span of a shot time has risen  with his own recording equipment and is soon said to be opening his on recording studio.
Word reaching our news desk however confirms that Hornet record are no satisfied with  where TK2 would in a short time have managed to get all that kind of money and start his own studio.
Keep it Mombasacity as we unfold the happenings in mombasa's entertainment scene.


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