At last, the truth finally out. Just how did the Mombasa dog porn story disappear? Must read!

They say money can turn human beings into animals and yes that is what it can do. Early last year, Mombasa's name was tarnished by what religious leaders termed as abomination and whats was highly criticized by churches and Mosques. The Mombasa dog porn story was in every persons mouth. 
Mombasa women were abused and told they were done with men and now wanted dogs, so many dirty words lashed at coastarians  while nobody knew the truth apart from a few individuals who only wanted to benefit from the incident.
The foreigner who was accused of paying the ladies to act the scene was  not given any chance to talk or give statements.
The Mzungu, befriended a lady from Karatina-Nyeri two years ago and together started a porn making and prostitution ring involving local girls and foreign nationals.
The lady however bribed the police and journalists to bust the Swiss and make false claims that he was paying gals to have sex with dogs. Interviews with a section of the authorities in Mombasa also corroborate the absence of a dog(s) during the arrest.
“The intention of the lady was to have the Swiss bundled out of the country and thereby remain with his wealth worth millions. In fact the Swiss did not record any statement with the police and the OB entry mentions no dogs” the source revealed.
“To spin the story further the girlfriend purportedly leaked Facebook inbox text messages to leading bloggers who published them hence driving the publicity”

After the story began receiving new twists everyday and the lady from Karatina saw that the truth would finally come out, she ran back to Nairobi for her safety since high end authority were also beginning to get suspicious.
The mzungu who was accused of the act begged the authority to come up with evidence that its true he used dogs in film making or produce any hard copy evidence but they could not. 
The Mzungu was astonished at all the charges but was released and asked not to give any interview to any radio or television and asked to leave the country.
The women who were said to be acting porn with dogs were also released since they was no hard evidence and the authority were already having clues of what was taking place.  
The dog story was all a scam of a selfish self centered woman who wanted to inherit all that was not hers. 
That however back fired on her and our sources reveal that the woman now lives from hand to mouth and that the Mzungu swore never to step back in the country.
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