Doctor? I guess this is why Brown Mauzo should be worried. Meet Akothee's 'DOCTOR'

Days after we spoke to Mombasa's finest and richest singer Akothee she openned to us that she was no longer seeing the Nimebadilika singer Brown Mauzo. That was never the case according to our news affiliate Backstreet entertainment. The two are still seeing each other behind the public eye however the love is not as strong as it used to be.
Brown Mauzo known as Ukunda's finest who is said to be seeing a local girl is just said to be after Akothee's wealth but Mombasa city confirmed from the source that they were only two friends who were trying to help each other out.
Sources reveal that Brown's life has in someways taken a different turn after the lady stopped funding him and has since been seen on the streets on foot on parts of ukunda beach areas around some local village yet to reveal soon.
Akothee has since revealed an image of him and some white guy who she claimed to be his daughter but as our sources reveal it, there is just much to that. keep it Mombasa city.


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