Exposed! Hatred, witchcraft and selfishness leading coastal music industry to the graves.

The more we refuse to face the reality the more we bury our talents in our own dug graves. Mombasa city yesterday spoke to an artist who we decided to cover his identity for personal reasons  we will yet unleash. In this article we will not mention names unless the names come where we are only giving credit where it deserves.
.Our coastal regions has produced big names, big music producers and yes we have even bigger video producers that can cub the whole of the coastal region without any artist opting to pay money for his work to be done anywhere else in this country.

The big question we now should ask ourselves is, Why has Kidis the Jembe decided to work with grandpa while hornet records still exists, Why should an upcoming artist like Bmg Kenya opt to work with Ogopa while thunder sound still exists? those are some of the questions that Music promoters should sit down and brainstorm deeply. YES its true that most of the songs from coastal regions are not receiving the air-plays they deserve. How on earth do you expect someone to play your songs when you are confined to dark powers of wizardry and cults? it doesn't work that way.

We  have had people rise and for a certain period of time  their music disappear like plague. What happens to them? who do we blame? the media for not playing their songs  or themselves?
Its so funny how our artists are behaving nowadays.
We spoke to Coasts top video producer and asked him how much he charges for an uptown high video. I was shocked by what he told us.
30,000 for a video, and you expect it to be played on national Tv? Am deeply sorry to be harsh but with that kind of musical budget, you will only end sending your videos to friends via whatsapp.
How many people knew Dumbala's hit maker Jay A was from coast? I bet non, its time we put God first, be ready to accept that we went wrong somewhere before we started hating on each other.
Music producers, you are one group of people that can either kill or grow someone's talent. Its high time you told those working at your music labels entirely the truth.

Good work to coasts radio stations for the good work and effort they put to at least see the coastal music industry through.
.  Talking of growing the industry, its time the coastal awards became some fair awards not based on money or anything.

article compiled by Madebe.
mombasacity chief editor.


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