Kaya elders in Kwale vow to curse anyone who kills the old with claims of witchcraft.

Mombasa city exclusive;
KAYA elders have vowed to put an ancient death curse on anyone who kills the elderly for alleged witchcraft.

The killer will only live for a week after the victim is buried, they said. The ritual for the curse is one of the old traditional judicial system used by Kaya elders to create order. However, it was abandoned under the influence of Western culture.

Speaking at Ganze Youth Polytechnic on Saturday, the elders’ representative Peter Shehe said the curse is the only thing that can end the killings. “Any person who will participate in the killing of another person in the pretext that the victim is a witch, will be cursed. He or she will not live for more than a week after the burial of the person he killed.

This is what will happen and everyone should be ready for it,” said Shehe, who is also MP for Ganze. People are killing the elderly “like chickens, slaughtering them with ease”, he said The killers have outwitted the police and local administrators.

“That is why as Kaya elders, we have to take measures to protect our elderly,” Shehe said. He said the elders will meet at different shrines in the Coast region to perform the ritual curse. The ritual will later be recited in the form of a prayer in every village.

Speaking from Magarini where he had gone to start the ritual, Kaya Godhoma shrine elder, Mangi Mitsanze, said the curse is real and effective. He said it is the only solution to the killing of old people. “We are planning how the whole ritual will be conducted in Coast.

I cannot elaborate but we have our special ways. Soon you will see people dying immediately after they kill a person on suspicion of witchcraft,” Mitsanze said. Malindi District Cultural Association secretary Joseph Mwarandu said the ritual has been ignored in modern days.


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