Sad, Boda boda Operator lures a 12 years old school girl with the snake game in his phone and defiles her living her for death.

Yesterday residents in Kakamega almost leached a boda boda operator after a dreadful ordeal that took place during lunch hours. The boda boda operator an uncle to Lydia Nasinya the girl in question who is currently in class 7 escaped death after residents and teachers stormed at his house. The teacher said he noticed some blood on Nasinya's dress and when she asked her what had happened Nasinya cried and explained the ordeal. The boda boda operator known by Nasinya's parents came to school during lunch hours and offered her a ride, the innocent girl took the offer and was given the phone to try the snake game before she knew it she was at the boda boda man's house, he dragged her to the house and swore to kill her if she told anyone of anything that happened.
The boda boda man however escaped the wrath of the residents and is now camping at the chief's camp. 


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