Shamelessly Exposed ! Which favors did Sandra Shiqo have to give to Pulse Editor Steve Muendo for the limelight? A must read!

Grab a cup of coffee, this one comes as an exclusive and yeah you've heard it hear. Its a shame that our media houses are still opting for favours from upcoming talent for them to receive the limelight.What however hurts is the extent to which someone will decide to go just have that limelight. We have seen people who have gone that direction and the only thing they achieved is mare disappointments. Today we feature in an example.

Sandra Shiqo, Coastal most hyped model, singer and an all inclusive talented lady is our topic of discussion. Word reaching our news desk exclusively from Backstreet entertainment is that the lady has much going on and yes we decided to dig it all out. Coast, just like Nairobi, Nakuru has had a number of event which according to our source have never appeared in any edition of the Pulse magazine. First came the Dj awards that took place and Steve Muendo the pulse editor was in town but wrote non of that. More events came by, the miss tourism, the rugby events, the fashion gala nights but the editor didn't see any of that, in other words, that was not important.
What hurts the coastal artists, events managers is the fact that if Pulse in anyway has to write something about the coastal entertainment scene, Sandra Shiqo must be involved. The lady who is so much associated with Hassan Faisal has left other models wondering if she is the only talent around the coast.
Early last month, Shiqo threw a "surprise" birthday for her mother and this is what Pulse had in their paper.

What however they did not know, we from Mombasa were closely following their moves and as it is, no any coastal celebs attended that birthday party. to make the matter worse, the rogue  editor of the content, Mkala Mwaghesha  who had been fed with the information by Steve did not include any name of any coastal artist who was in attendance.
That was not all Sandra's friends were also astonished and others even went to an extend of asking her which song she has sang and others even asked for her album
check out the conversation below.

Now we ares till waiting for the music strings to come out.
Back to our topic.
The question is, why cant the magazine give us a different story from the coast, with all the events roaming in the streets, with all the good work event organizers are doing without even a single media houses noticing they exist. All said and done, its time this habit stopped. Its time editors started working professionally and not expecting sexual favors or money for them to start airing out good work from real talent. Standard digital should read this.

And now we have this.

Its not bad showing us talent but let us not doubt the legitimacy of what you are showing us.
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