Shocking! Kenya's top artist Redsan under police custody for being A Terror suspect by Anti-Terrorism Police Unit)) (ATPU).

Breaking news!!! As always, Mombasa city brings it to you first hand. Kenya's top dance hall artist Redsan is now under Anti-Terrorism Police Unit)) (ATPU). for being a terror suspect. The star together with some of his friends have been put under custody and are being interrogation. Mombasa's senator  Hassan Omar Hassan has been on the front line to help in the release of the star but with no avail. 
What is more saddening according to the senator is that the ATPU took all his email addresses, tapped into his phone and personal bank records.

Post by Hassan Omar Hassan.

the post above by the senator shows how disappointed the Senator feels. However since the office of the president declared war against terrorism, no one has been left to do what they do. the security arm has had to fight even those Mombasa leaders as a team say were not part of any gang.
 The star is now under tight security by the anti terrorist squad and is said to be helping in more expose of other terrorists who the ATPU believe are residing within the city.
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