Shocking photos; Bird turns into a woman in Oshindi Village as it fell on the ground while trying to land on a high tension electricity wire.

Earlier today, the small town of Oshondi in Nigeria got shocked at around 1:00 pm when the locals saw a bird fall from a high tension electricity post and turn into a grown woman when it landed on the ground.
The incident left the residents shocked as the woman swat on the ground with her body almost pilled off. the sight was irritating and the woman sat their with nothing left to say.
When residents persisted on asking her what she was doing turning into a bird, the woman said she was going to see her daughter who had given birth.
The intentions of the visit were later found to be evil since the daughter said she had had a bad nightmare of losing her newly born and decided to pray that night.
The woman is still at the place where she fell with even authorities afraid to get close to her.
have a look at the pictures below.


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