Ashley Toto a high end prostitute in Germany purporting to be an Event Manager disses Prezzo

Jaguar has had beef following him for a long time now and this looks sarcastic and all funny.
Ashley Toto who Mombasa city has learnt resides at a friends place hoping from one house to  another In Germany has dissed Prezzo calling him a broke lazy ass.
The lady who many have called cheap went ahead to insult Prezzo in a note.
Read it here

Ashley Toto:

I am a Kenyan event organizer and promoter
based in Europe, Frankfurt Germany to be
precise. I have been following developments of
the Prezzo Jaguar feud closely. I feel inclined to
weigh in on the issue. Why would anyone waste
their precious time talking about Prezzo i am
yet to get it., especially in regards to Jaguar. The
former is in no way close to what Jaguar is,
actually, in Prezzo's eyes Jaguar is out of view,
too far for him. Why am a ranting, well first
because i have worked with Jaguar,my associates
and i have organized concerts here in Germany
where Jaguar has performed and his take home
is always a cool ksh 300 000 and above per
show and he does shows in atleast 4 cities in
Germany per visit. You do the math. As for the
so called Prezzo, the frog-faced artist has
nothing to show for his music acreer apart from
his flamboyance, a shine i should say he gets
from women. The man is a leech, he leaves off
women. In Tanzania he has a radio presenter
who is heads over heels over him and caters for
his expenses just to be seen by him. In Nigeria
we all know the story, lets not even talk about
Kenya. Prezzo doesn’t do big shows in Kenya,
apart from one off concerts he gets invited to in
Tanzania, the man has nothing else coming. The
Makini herbal clinics are not exactly doing well
enough to support his lifestyle either. Jaguar's
wealth has a trail and you can tell where he gets
his mulla from. Case in point, the artist is in or
was in London recently he has perfromed at
quite a number of shows there, each paying not
less than Ksh 300k. Do the math and you know
he will come back home with more than a mil.
He was in the States and Middle East recently
where he does more shows than Europe. In
Kenya am also told he is the one popping since
he released Kigeugeu. Thing is, i dont think
much of Prezzo myself and he should keep his
tail between his legs where it belongs, as far as
money is concerned he cant walk his talk. Heck
Jua Cali has more cash than Prezzo, man co
owns Calif Recordz and has houses in Nairobi,
so el presidente GET SOME MONEY then you ll
stop being the president of high school brats
who dont even know what money smells like 

The funniest thing however is that, Diamond once had it that Ashley Toto once sent him steamy bedroom photos just to win his heart. Keep it Mombasa city


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