Dazlah's new hit Kidekide featuring Susumila is a Copy of Yamoto Band's hit single Nitajuta, Is copying the new trend?

Coast Music is getting tricky by day. Artists trying to do all it takes to remain relevant.
Videos already done but not ready to be released in the fear of bad public response or media shut down once another artist releases their Video.

That's however talk for another day. Dazlah Kiduche released a song featuring Susumila. The song however is a copy or rather a cover version of Yamoto Band's hit song Nitajuta.
Yesterday, I called Susumila to ask and clarify of what he thought about the song.
His response was precise. He could not comment on the matter since he was only featured on the song. On another view however he added saying the new trend was here and many people were using songs that were done before and making them hits again.
My call to Dazlah who was in a good position to answer the questions were futile.

Ali B also has a song with the audio beats more of Kiss Daniels' Woju.
The question am left with is, are our artists becoming lazy to be original or is copying the new trend in town.
Keep it Mombasa city.


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