First things first!! Is there a rift between artists and Coastal Celebs? This is why there is no change. Exposed!

Mombasa City has learnt of the withdrawal of Susumila and Radio Presenter Gates Mgenge from the county shows organization board. This was a personal decision by the two for what I later learnt was caused by social media bulling by a number of fellow artists and celebrity doing it behind closed cocoons.
Mombasa city has for along time been running articles by the two most controversial personalities until late last week when we had a chit chat with Pwani fm's presenter Gates Mgenge grandson.
The presenter had earlier received threats through our website by fellow celebrity singers Jacugaz threatening to take action against the presenter if he didn't do  as they pleased. The group had forced the presenter through us to play their music or else force dire consequences.
In response to the article, Gates Mgenge called us in disbelief asking what wrong he had done.
We were not in a good position to answer him and suggested he called them for a better explanation.

Later that week, A threatening murder message was sent to the radio presenter threatening to end his life. The presenter then forwarded all the text messages to the authority and asked to be excused in all county related events.

Producer Tee a personal friend Gates also had a lot in his mind. What disturbed his mind the most was how people and fans were reacting to KIDE KIDE.
Kusema kweli muziki wa pwani unazidi kudidimia  na kinacho tuuwa sote ni chuki za kibinafsi za kindani ndani. Kila mtu anamuonea wivu mwenzake kindani ndani. Je ni wangapi washawai jitokeza na kusema Gates alinisaidia kutoka kimuziki? Kuna wasanii Gates aliwapeleka hadi SYPHER wakati hao ni wabana pua nani ashawai jitokeza kumshukuru kwa hilo?
To be precise so much had been said about the presenter which needed clarification.
We asked Tee about the whole issue of him using Dazlah for his personal gain as stated by many.
The producer had to laugh that off.
Katika yote yaliyosemwa, hii ndo imenichekesha sana. DAZLAH ana uhuru wa kufanya kazi popote pale na kama kuna mtu nimependa kufanya naye kazi ni dazla. Na story za kuwa namtumia zanichekesha sana wajua. Hakuna show yoyote Dazlah ashawai piga bure. Kwanza hii story ya nyinyi kusema Dazlah anapiga show za bure mlitoa wapi?
Talk has to be there and to be honest that was just but the truth. unless artists come together and put aside there differences hakuna maendeleo itafanyika.



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