This is why Mishakiki Festival flopped despite huge appearances.

Its with no doubt that The last Mishakiki would have been one of the best if and only if proper planning was put on the table.
With appearances by big names in the Entertainment scene, we expected something extra ordinary.
Mombasacity managed to be in the tent where planning was to take place and all we could see was too much confusion. From the show hosts,Mc and a few ladies who were just walking around establishing what their role was.
I remember vividly one lady coming straight to me asking what I was to perform. I smiled and comfortably told her am a dancer. Satisfied with my answer she lead me to my sit and I even got more confused.
What was happening here?
What shocked me even more was that there were no artists apart from Dazlah who was in the fore front and the only option they had.
Word from our sources reveal that Top Mombasa artists who are always in the fore front to perform in the local events turned down the offer to make an appearance.
This was after the county told them to perform for free since the county was working under a tight budget.

This appeared so freaking funny and confusing at the same time. If the County pays you when all is well why not perform when things go sour.

All in all Dj Ivory was in the set and tried his best to keep the party alive.
We managed talking to one of the event MCs who always directs people to where foods and other delicasies are (this time he was cut out). He was frustrated and said the organizers put him out which made the event even more confusing.
People just walked without directions
If at all the Mishakiki festival is to continue.
We need change he said.
However there were appearances by Yemi Alade who until todate I keep asking myself what she come there to do. H_art the band and Ali B who before he could perform rain started drizzling.

Keep it Mombasacity fresh fun and entertaining.


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