Upcoming artists beware, below are artists and presenters whose main agenda is to use every little talent for their own personal gain.

Its tricky being an artist especially being an upcoming artist. Mombasa city has decided to open up and take a closer look on how the industry has used raw talent  and ditched it after what we call a successful use and dump mission.
Its with no doubt that everyone and I mean many people had about a war that TK Mbili, Kigoto Mbonde and Susumila had some time back and this went ahead till they settled their scores on radio, Pili Pili Fm nearly using blows for that matter.
Thats when Mombasa city decided to dig deep and perhaps come out to a Conclusion.

Kigoto Mbonde is with no doubt one talented artist and all his fans around know that. Just like Dazlah Kiduche now, When he was fresh Kigoto received shows and not knowing he was being used went ahead into writing songs for major artists including Ali B and Susumila. The songs include Ngoma itambae and Hidaya.  That was not all, If one remembers vividly, Kigoto Mbonde's voice had people talking, Shetta from Tanzania even after releasing Karewa remix which he featured  Diamond in Tanzania has admitted that Kigoto has being among the best there has been.

After having his time and serving others without knowing, nothing good came his way. For the pay, there was  a time his video was held captive for almost two months.
The case is now repeating its self with Former Candy n Candy records artist Dazlah Kiduche. Without knowing the artist's talent is being toiled with as he only thinks of the air play and how many shows he receives.
Here is the real deal and questions Dazlah needs to ask himself, how much was he paid for the Mishakiki festival, the laugh thing and all the shows that he has had to attend.
Right now the artist who has such a nice voice and audience creativity has released a song Kide kide in which he featured a top artist Susumila and is yet to release another hit single with Ali B. This is from Ali B's interview at KTN with Mohammed Arwesh he opened up about a project he was doing with Dazlah Kiduche and was yet to be released.
If you have ever attended any of Dazlah's shows he has a group of dancers and the dance routines are always on point,the question is does he get what he deserves after the shows, are his dancers paid after the show? Right now he might hide behind the curtains and say its just  mare talk but we will be here to console him once they are done with him.

A certain group of presenters too have joined hands in making this happen. Not mentioning names, the latter pretend to be giving air plays but killing talent behind the scenes. Kaa la Moto is a victim of substance.
We managed to talk to him on why he thought Kenyan Local Music is dead. He talked sense for the first time and I felt like crying.
 Whats the need of me having a big name while I cant feed my family. When I started doing music, they held me saying they were showing me the way, some promoters have used my pictures on adverisement banners and have never paid me a cent. He narrated to us about how a certain promoter who called him arranged a show and decided not to pay him saying they had not been paid.
This is the same trend, Dancers too have had their own share of the story. Its tricky indurstry what you need to do is being extra carefu; with who you are fucking working with.

For Mombasa city- Edwin Kimani Chief Editor


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