Was Sango's win as Chairman for MCSK Mombasa legit? TOP EXPOSE.

Alot had been said about  the previous leadership of Mcsk  under its chairman Sango.
The idea by a group of artists to overthrow him was planned and it was with no doubt this time Sango would be sent parking.
The reasons behind their wanting  a change were as follows;
1. Since his appointment, Sango had not in way helped any artists grow although he claimed to have raised Nyota Ndogo and his biggest contestant then Gabriel Mwamuye.
2. Rising artists had not received the nurturing they deserved and Sango had not explained to any artist on how they would receive cash from their music downloads and registration by MCSK.

3.A section of artists also claimed that Sango had started using artists for his own personal gain.

The struggle was too much and everyone knew Mwamuye had won the race to become MCSK's chair Coast province.

Why din't Mwamuye win?

The strategies by Sango to retain his sit were well orchestrated. First he avoided talking about the issues Gabriel was hitting him with and as debates were being planned, he stayed as far from them as he could, this in return made him stay less vulnerable to any finger pointing.
As Gabriel sat trying to tell the bad side of Sango, the latter decided to collect all his loyal followers and plead for another chance to make things right.

Elections came and for another term, Sango to a shock of many, retained his sit.

What artists are however asking for from the leader is to help them achieve what they dint previously.
Mombasa city.  


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