Rising hip hop artist Kassamoney Brian hits at Coastal Djs and Kaa la moto calling them archiac and Irrelevant.

Its now dawning on Kassamoney that no matter how much he will try push out his music, no Coastal Dj or Radio presenter is ready to play it on their shows.

Most Djs on live radio sessions have reffered to him as a snob while others refuted to claims of ever knowing him. Speaking to Kassamoney yesterday, the hip hop artist poured his heart out saying most radio personalities and Djs need to style up.

On one occassion, Kassamoney hit at Dvj Ivory for calling artists lame for sending him audios via whatsapp. Kassa took to social media and let out what deem fit for Ivory.
Since then, his music journey with Djs hit a blunt.

Speaking to Ivory about the issue, The Dj said just like any artist, kassa had the right to be mad for not receiving airplays but he would not stoop too low to play any music sent to him via whatsapp.

Thats not all. Yesterday, Kassa hit at Kaa la Moto for crossing his lane and Dissing Willy Paul out of the blues.
According to Kassa, Kaa la moto was just but finding something to have people mention his name. He called the act childish stating that a real hip hop legend sticks to his lane and that singing had nothing to do with Rap.

Most people Mombasa city talked to shared the same sentiments with Kassa. Speaking to Twentytwo Kenya, the lad found the whole dis video hilorious and stated that Mombasa artists were loosing touch of their music.

Keep it Mombasacity entertainment.


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