Sad Expose. Is Dazlah Kiduche fooling fans or himself? Its a pity!!!

One thing I have learnt about the coastal scene and artists is the need to be on the high leading end without working their asses out.

Dazlah Kiduche last week on thursday went on social media to post a photo showing the number of views his video had attained in just one week.
I felt happy! I was moved by the fact that our coastal artists were doing something constructive and reaching a larger fan base.

Here is the screenshot!!!!

I then decided to check on the comments and see how people were responding to the video on youtube and perhaps congratulate them for a job well done.
I was shocked!! Infact I was amused. Who was he fooling? Us?

Today early in the morning, I saw a natification, Eric MMU changed his cover Photo. For those who dont know, the lad is the famous Pwani Fm mashav mashav university presenter famously known as Gates Mgenge Grandson.

I again saw the same photo and opted to ask him the same question.
Who is Dazlah fooling? I guess just like me he was shocked to see that our psychology was being toyed.
I again begged him to lay law until I had finished my investigations.
I guess curiosity took the better part of him and he couldnt hold it back.

On live radio he called Welo Kagomaz the famous one montage video director asking him what had happened to the views and why they decided to edit and play with their fans.
Welo distanced himself from the scandal and said he dint know anything about the entire topic.
Am left to think whoever posted the fake forged picture was responsible.
The big question is who are you fooling?

Its good if we fight and let our music be heard, watched and listened to.
If by then its not reaching the required audience the best thing to do is check where we went wrong correct it and try reaching the set target.

Upto now, this are the legit youtube views of Dazlah's Kide kide video..

Satan is a liar!! The video has not even attained 7k views let alone 10. Its a pity and am left wondering, with this kind of tactics, where are we headed?

For Mombasa city


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